Sound and Vibration
ASHRAE Technical Committee 2.6

Upcoming TC Meetings

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2021 Winter Conference Schedule
     Monday – January 25th

        9 AM - 10 AM CT: Research

        10 AM - 11 PM CT: Programs

        11 AM - 12 PM CT: Vibration Isolation/Handbook

        Access Link:


     Tuesday – January 26th

        2:15 PM - 4:15 PM CT: Main Meeting

        Access Link:



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Committee Chair

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Karina Acosta

Committee Scope

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TC 2.6 is concerned with the fundamental scientific and engineering principles of sound and vibration, particularly as applied to the design and performance of the built environment.


Upcoming Society Conferences

ASHRAE Virtual Conference
February 9-11, 2021

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Additional Information

It is our mission to sponsor, collect, and distribute information that will enable ASHRAE members and their associates to design and build quiet and vibration-free buildings. Our priorities are: (a) To develop and continuously improve noise control prediction methods, (b) To publish the best methods for the control of noise and vibration due to the operation of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilating systems, (c) To understand and communicate sound measurement methods, sound rating methods, and acceptable noise criteria, and (d) To disseminate the results of research through programs, publications, articles, and books.